[PPR] 形而上学的问题比科学的问题更基本吗?

Alyssa Ney (UC Davis), “Are the Questions of Metaphysics More Fundamental Than Those of Science?”, forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/phpr.12571


When pursued naturalistically, metaphysics may seem forced to navigate a narrow path. So that it may be a worthwhile enterprise, it must have claim to discovery of a distinctive set of objective truths. Yet it must also avoid potential competition or conflict with the results of scientific theories. In response to this problem, some naturalistic metaphysicians have argued that properly understood, metaphysics is aimed at a set of truths distinct from those of science. Metaphysicians investigate a realm of truths more fundamental than those of even fundamental science. This paper examines what is required both in science and metaphysics for a theory to count as a fundamental theory. Several criteria are presented which suggest that metaphysics does not investigate a realm more fundamental than that of science.