Social Philosophy & Policy: Special Issue on Moral Responsibility

Guest Editor: Michael McKenna (University of Arizona)

List of articles:

  1. Moral Responsibility: The Next Generation (Michael McKenna)
  2. Forgiving as Emotional Distancing (Santiago Amaya)
  3. Forgiving the Dead (Macalester Bell)
  4. Strict Moral Liability (Justin A. Capes)
  5. The Heart of Libertarianism: Fundamentality and the Will (Christopher Evan Franklin)
  6. Narrative Capacity and Moral Responsibility (Meghan Griffith)
  7. Dimensions of Responsibility: Freedom of Action and Freedom of Will (Robert Kane)
  8. Meeting the Eliminativist Burden (Kelly McCormick)
  9. The Problem of Free Will and Determinism: An Abductive Approach (Kristin M. Mickelson)
  10. Guilt, Grief and the Good (Dana Kay Nelkin)
  11. Autonomy and Indoctrination: Why We Need an Emotional Condition for Autonomous Reasoning and Reflective Endorsement (Mirja Pérez de Calleja)
  12. Robust Flickers of Freedom (Michael Robinson)
  13. The Fallibility Paradox (Chandra Sripada)