Stats & writing sample & schools applied to


GPA: 3.991 (Cumulative); 4 (Philosophy Major).
GRE: 163 (V); 169 (Q); 4 (W).


  • Graduate seminars (3): Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason / sentimentalism in ethics / advanced symbolic logic
  • Value theory (4+1): Philosophy of law / social and political philosophy / normative ethics / applied ethics / + sentimentalism in ethics
  • History (5+1): Movements in 20th-century philosophy / history of 19th-century philosophy / history of 17th-century philosophy / history of medieval philosophy / history of ancient philosophy / + Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
  • Metaphysics, mind, logic & phil of science (5+1): philosophy of mind / consciousness / philosophy of biology / studies in contemporary philosophy / symbolic logic / + advanced symbolic logic
  • Other (2): philosophy of art / philosophy of gender

Letter writers:

#1 大一下的教授(伦理学),那门课的 term paper 死搅蛮缠着他帮我改了一年,得过本科生的 best paper award。Writing Sample 的起源。大四上学期又上了他的课。

#2 大三下的教授(心灵哲学),虽然学生人数不算少,但在那门课上互相感觉很好所以请写了推荐信。当事人说是 「very strong letter」。

#3 大三下一直上到大四下的教授(科学哲学,分析哲学史),从黑格尔上到日常语言学派,又上回达尔文。

Programs applied to:

NIU (MA, declined), UW-Madison, WUSTL (Withdrawn), U Mass, Indiana, Cornell, Brown, Notre Dame (Withdrawn), Arizona, UNC, CUNY, U of T, UCLA, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, NYU

Admitted, Waitlisted, Rejected, Withdrawn


Came to Philosophy in my junior year, spend an extra year (fifth) as undergraduate.

GPA: Under 3.5 (Cumulative); Around 3.7 (Philosophy)
GRE: Embarrassingly low. Far from adequate.

Writing Sample on Political Philosophy: State Interference in Parenting (Might attach Abstract later)

Course Work
Value Theory (5+1): Philo of Law/ Ethical Theory/ Current Moral & Social Issues/ Topics in Social & Political Philo/ Moral Responsibility / Seminar in Legal Philo.

Metaphysics-Epistemology(3): (Intro) Metaphysics/ Philo of Language/ (Advanced) Philo of Language.

Logic (2): Intro/ Intermediate Logic.

History(2): Aristotle/ 18 Century.

Other(3+1): Seminar in Philo of Psychology/ Philo of Art/ Philo aspect of Cog Sci/ (another) (Crosslisted) Cog Sci and Philo.

Letter Writers: (Not ranked):

1 大三上,大五上,大五下的教授 (法律哲学),大五上的那门课觉得特别好。

2 大四上一直到大五下的教授,(政治哲学) ,Thesis Adviser. Paper 想了一年多(觉得前期稿子不太能看,就不算“写”了一年)writing sample是节选。

3 大三下教授(伦理学), 仔细聊过申请的事。

Programs applied to (All MA):

Brandeis (off waitlist) / UW Milwaukee / GSU / NIU / UMSL (declined) / VT (declined) / SFSU (declined) / UBC / SFU / UWO (declined)

(Accept 了Brandeis的半奖offer)